Scientific Visualization & Design


Masters Research Project:


  • To educate both an educated lay and research audience about tissue engineering & where it currently is in terms of progress

  • To provide context as to why this research is being conducted, and what it means for the future of health care

  • To draft the animation to allow flexible use based on the audience, such as:

    • Promotion on lab website ... full animation to provide context, background information, and implications

    • Research conferences ... clipped segments to help peers visualize the research alongside data and lab imaging


Kidneys are an important organ in our body, but they are particularly difficult to study and develop treatments for kidney-related illnesses. As a result, researchers are working towards developing a functional in vitro model of the kidney—the term 'in vitro' refers to cells/organisms/molecules that are studied on outside of its natural environment. A successful, functioning in vitro kidney model would have huge implications for the public, including faster drug development, a diminished need for animal models, and personalized medicine.

Biomedical engineers and researchers at the University of Toronto have recently made a big milestone in engineering specialized kidney cells called podocytes, and wanted to convey their research to both a lay and research audience.


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Modelling the Podocyte

Modelling the Glomerulus

Character Rigging