(in progress!)

In collaboration with the researchers at the University of Toronto, I am creating an animation that communicates the recent advances in the field of tissue-engineering, specifically kidney cells. Kidneys are an important organ in our body, but they are particularly difficult to study and develop treatments for kidney-related illnesses. However, researchers have achieved a significant milestone in engineering special cells called podocytes that are very important in kidney function.

The ultimate goal of this research is to create a fully functional, lab-grown kidney model to allow researchers to freely and more accurately test drugs and new treatments. It will revolutionize the speed and development of research, and has huge implications for our society's future in healthcare.

I am creating this animation to inform the general public about this sort of research, why it's being conducted, and the implications of its success. Informing the public will raise awareness about current research, and about future treatments that are in development. Additionally, parts of this animation will also be shown at research conferences to scientific peers and colleagues as supplementary visuals for presentations.


Sneak Previews

(These shots are still a work in progress.)