Scientific Visualization & Design

Protective Mechanisms in Human Breast Milk

Protective Mechanisms in Human Breast Milk

An editorial illustration for Dr. Lena Serghides to communicate the various protective components in human breast milk, and how they protect newborns from foreign pathogens and toxins. Careful considerations were made in creating a layout that separated the mechanisms while maintaining a clear story. 


Clients:     Prof. Michael Corrin &
                    Dr. Lena Serghides
Medium:   Illustrator
Created:   Jan 2017

protective Mechanisms

Process Work

2D Schematic

As an initial study to simplify and focus on the key concepts, a 2D schematic version was created. Designed for PowerPoint slides, these figures focused on clear, clean visuals to convey the different mechanisms.

Sketches & Reiteration

Moving onto the editorial illustration, it was challenging to organize all the different mechanisms onto a two-page spread, while also communicating a clear story. Through several revisions, the layout changed to visually divide each protective mechanism.