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MyRehab is a concept mobile application designed for rehabilitation patients. Based on my personal experience working in a physiotherapy clinic, I noticed that patients often did not keep up with their prescribed exercises for various reasons: forgetting, laziness, losing their instruction sheet, not seeing improvement, and more. This impeded their recovery and made it difficult for their clinicians to assess the patient's progress as well as the effectiveness of the prescribed exercises. To solve these problems, I conceptualized a mobile app called MyRehab.

MyRehab features:

  • stores the patients' prescribed exercises
  • sends reminders to them
  • allows the user to log their exercise progress, in addition to daily pain
  • provides data visualizations for their progress
  • celebrates little milestones

By providing visual and physical means to view their journey over time, coupled with celebratory milestones, patients are encouraged to follow their rehabilitation plan. Moreover, the app also benefits clinicians during patient visits by providing data to assess the patient's progress outside of therapy sessions—allowing for improved rehabilitation plans that are specific to the patient. Together, these factors benefit the healthcare system by encouraging patient and clinician engagement for rehabilitation.

Medium:   Illustrator
Created:   Apr 2017


Extras & Process work


Quick animation exercise for the login screen!