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Antibiotics & You

Antibiotics & You

This 2D patient education animation was created in collaboration with the SHS-UHN Antimicrobial Stewardship Program for hospital inpatients and their families. Our goal was to communicate the concept of a microbiome, as well as common misconceptions and the importance of antibiotics to a lay, patient audience. From developing the script to storyboarding, asset creation and production, our team (Sarah Crawley, Maiko Matsuda, Lisa Qiu) produced an animation that conveys this information in an approachable and engaging manner.

This animation was created with the intention of allowing it to be freely distributed, in the hopes of reaching and educating a wider, global audience. As such, please feel free to share it!


Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
Dr. Andrew Morris
Yoshiko Nakamachi

Medium:   AfterEffects, IIllustrator
Created:   April 2018



Script & Storyboarding

After initial meetings with our clients to discuss the purpose and key points of the animation, our team set off to developing the script. We aimed to develop a friendly and warm tone through the characters and narration, and were careful to maintain scientific accuracy while simplifying concepts in an understandable manner. After several iterations, we decided on an elderly patient and her son talking to the narrator, who we purposefully left as an ambiguous healthcare provider. 


Visual Style

We designed our characters and assets to reflect a friendly, engaging, and informative learning environment for our viewers. Stereotypically, hospitals can be seen as a stressful place for patients. Thus, in the hospital scenes with our characters, we decided to use a warm, pastel colour palette to create a calm mood. In contrast, when conveying didactic information, such as the microbiome and bacteria, we employed more saturated and vibrant colours to engage our audience.